How a frame can dramatically change how an artwork feels

I’ve recently completed a series of collage artworks on paper and I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to frame them.

I normally love a white gallery frame with white matt for framing artworks that are on paper, so that they’re protected behind glass, and I love a simple, natural wood floating frame for paintings on canvas. However, I recently learned that artworks on paper can be fused to a wood panel and then varnished to protect the artwork so that it doesn’t need to be behind glass. In this case, I would also have the option to frame the artwork in a floating frame.

Given this new option, I’ve been trying to decide how I’d like to frame this new collage series on paper. Here’s one of the 4 artworks, placed in mock-up frames…

For me, the white gallery frame and matt makes the artwork feel more spacious and expansive. It has a cool, modern, light feel that would look fab in a more minimalist and modern home.

Without the matt, the finish is smaller and the artwork feels more intimate, and I think the composition has a stronger energy. The wood frame is a warm and grounding colour and texture that looks great in most interiors, and works very well with the artwork’s colours. It’s a tough choice but I think this is the option I prefer.