Wildly Peaceful

“Wildly Peaceful” Acrylic paint on canvas 120cm x 80cm (approx 47 x 31 inches) – SOLD

I wanted this commissioned artwork to be a celebration of the sensory delight of the ocean – especially the wild kind of ocean at the shores of an untamed beach on a so-called “bad weather” day – my favourite combination!

I chose to keep the composition simple and focus on exploring colour, texture, light, and movement through layered paint play – an experience that mirrored the sensory delight of toe and full-body dips in a wild sea, and the many different textures and layered dances of wind, salt, water, and sand on my body.

These “wildly peaceful” sensations of the sea have always made me feel more alive, stronger, healthier, calmer, and braver. So I love that I got to regularly re-visit our favourite beach and it’s sensory delights and spiritual nourishment through memory and imagination over the past few months as we’ve been settling into our new home here in the Netherlands.

“Wildly Peaceful” set off yesterday, winging its way over to its new home in Australia, where I hope it’ll bring its new owners as much peace and sensory delight as it brought me. Sorry, prints are not available for this artwork.