cath-ducnan-mam-social-worker-artistAs a visual artist, working in acrylic paint and mixed media, my paintings and creative process are deeply influenced by my first career as a grief support therapist and my life experiences of being vision- and hearing-impaired, a transplant recipient, an adoptive mother, and an immigrant. I am intrigued by the human capacity to remain connected to each other and to sources of hope, trust, play, and sensory pleasure in the face of uncertainty and loss. 

Nature serves as both muse and sanctuary, giving me the scenes, metaphors, textures, contrasts, and feelings of connectedness, and vitality that offer me healing and inform my work. I try to capture the enlivening displays of movement and light I find in nature, which I offer as metaphors for transformation and resilience.

Through dynamic compositions, vibrant hues, transparent layers, gestural lines, and generous, fluid paintwork, I explore connections between inner and outer landscapes and invite viewers to find solace, vitality, wholeheartedness, and sensory delight amidst life’s uncertainties and grief.

Wondering how my visual impairment affects my art-making? Here’s how.

You can see available original artworks here, view my recent completed commissions, find out how to commission a meaningful custom artwork for yourself, or order fine art prints and home decor products here.

Creativity and grief

Prior to committing to my art in 2020, I worked as a grief support therapist and co-founded the Creative Grief Studio. If you’re interested in the intersections of creativity, art-making, therapy, and grief, then check out my book, Untangle Your Grief.

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