Becoming, belonging, and blossoming

Becoming, belonging, and blossoming, by Cath Duncan. 2023. Mixed media on canvas.


Painted as a commission for a South African family who have emigrated, this artwork is a reminder of their roots in South Africa … a homage, remembrance, and visual connection to all that’s beautiful about where and who they come from, and all that they treasure that remains within them as they settle and begin to blossom in their new home.

I aimed to capture the density and fullness of the canopies of blossoms in a way that also shows their softness and lightness. I wanted to celebrate the light and glow of the bright and warm November South African sun, and for the viewer to feel the stillness, peace, and contentment of a slow Sunday afternoon stroll or drive around a quiet and beautiful Jacaranda-lined suburban neighbourhood.

Original artwork

This artwork’s dimensions are 120cm x 150cm (47 x 59 inches) and it was created using acrylic paint and soft pastels on canvas.

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