UNTANGLE YOUR GRIEF with Questions + Art

Wholehearted living after loss is an act of creativity, and reflection, journaling, and art-making are effective and enjoyable ways to explore your grief experiences and channel your creativity into creating a beautiful and meaningful life after (and even with) loss.

All of the books in the QUESTIONS + ART AFTER LOSS series include a discussion on how to engage with questions and art-making for the purposes of making meaning, as well as instructions for 3 practices for developing important skills that will help you to make real change that lasts. Here’s more about the Q+A approach.



What you’ll get in UNTANGLE YOUR GRIEF

Beautifully laid out and easy to navigate, this 67-page book is filled with incisive journaling questions, art-making prompts, brief and helpful tidbits of information, inspiring art and stories, and Cath Duncan’s vibrant art. Suitable for all kinds of loss, athe Untangle Your Grief workbook will guide you to..

  • become aware of hard-to-articulate losses that you’ve felt but not yet mourned.
  • find more ways to express your grief through journaling and creativity.
  • identify the most painful aspects of your loss and grief so that you feel less overwhelmed and can prioritise your change goals.
  • better understand your own grief reactions and some of the dynamics that can make grief trickier and perhaps more enduring.
  • understand some of the things that can influence how other people might respond to your loss and grief, which in turn influence your grief experience.
  • offer yourself and others more compassion as you better understand each other’s reactions.
  • develop greater clarity and comfort to be able to share your loss and grief stories with those you’d like to share them with, and draw closer in the relationships that are important to you.
  • begin to find new perspectives, make new meanings and see new possibilities for living wholeheartedly after loss.

UNTANGLE YOUR GRIEF is for you if you’ve been struggling with grief

Untangle Your Grief is for anyone who is struggling with grief after any kind of loss. It may be particularly resonant if:

  • The loss you’ve experienced is something other than the death of a person. Though Untangle Your Grief is relevant for folks grieving the death of a person, it’s also relevant to other kinds of losses for which there is little information, social validation, and support.
  • Ideas about how grief works or how you “should” grieve don’t fit your experience, and you feel frustrated or ashamed that you’re still struggling with grief.
  • Other people’s reactions to your loss and grief have been a substantial source of pain.
  • You’ve experienced multiple losses, perhaps since very early in your life.
  • You aren’t sure of the primary or specific sources of the deep grief you feel, and suspect that you have unacknowledged or unarticulated losses that you’ve not yet mourned.
  • You live with a situation of ongoing losses and new grief each day.
  • You’ve experienced traumatic losses or losses that carry stigma or cultural taboos that have made your grief experience more complex.
  • Either the losses you’re experiencing are still unfolding and the future is unknown, or it’s hard to pin-point the extent of the loss or exactly what’s gone and what you’re left with.
  • You live with a lot of anxiety and fear that you feel is holding you back in life.
  • You feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start with grieving or making sense of it all.

UNTANGLE YOUR GRIEF is for you if you’re offering grief support

Untangle Your Grief is a great resource for therapists, grief coaches, grief group facilitators, grief support peer volunteers, clergy, spiritual directors, or anyone else offering grief support.

  • Untangle Your Grief does not teach any specific theory of grief, nor will it tell you what your clients who are experiencing different kinds of losses are experiencing or needing (They can tell you that!). Instead you’ll find ideas, questions, and art-making prompts organised into a structured process that you can use in part or in full to open up conversations that support people who are struggling with grief to find comfort, meaning, belonging, and hope.
  • A suggestion: Arrange for all of your grief support group members to each purchase a copy of Untangling Your Grief for themselves. Just add your facilitation skills and you’ll have a very rich group experience together as you work through the book’s Questions + Art process together. I recommend 6 to 8 sessions for this. (Note: All Copyrights reserved. You may not reproduce or distribute any part of the book.)

$15 USD

You’ll receive a beautiful full-color 67-page book in PDF format.

Download the PDF and print it out for yourself, or read it on your tablet or laptop.