Exploring pattern

My recent explorations of line and shape have been such interesting experiences. I’ve really enjoyed the shift in perception from observing representational subjects to exploring abstract elements like line and shape. Guided by Jane Davies’ wonderful book, Abstract Painting: The Elements of Visual Language, I’ve continued this exploration by playing with patterns and collage work.

I began my professional art journey working with cut paper collage of botanical and landscape subjects, so its been fun to return to that medium, but this time working completely abstract.

For these two pieces I was just exploring pattern and, noticing what I feel, aiming to create a composition that was yummy to me using patterns of different scale, density, and contrast.

I chose limited colour palettes because I always love those. Limited colour palettes feel more simple, spacious, and calm to me, and I love that they accentuate the nuances and differences in the colours chosen and, in this case, keep the focus on the patterns.