Exploring shape

This was another exercise just to grow my creative “muscles”… 30mins to play with the question, “How many ways can I make a circle?”

There are so many variables that change the look and feel of a shape…

  • is it a solid shape or an outline of a shape?
  • Is it a flat colour or has it got textures or patterns?
  • What are its edges like… solid or broken, hard or soft, neat or wobbly?
  • Is it the positive shape or the negative space around it?
  • How big is it? Is it transparent or opaque?
  • Is it dark or light or is there some other colour difference?
  • How do different materials or techniques change how it feels?

It was a great way to begin my art-making session with play and there are some nice ideas here for new ways I can approach shapes in my paintings.

Thanks for this exercise, @janedaviesart I’m really enjoying your book!