Your Printable Anti-perfectionism Poster Gift

Perfectionism is such a pain! It faffs and meddles and distracts and whines and procrastinates and worries and freezes up and over-analyses and stays silent and judges and compares and competes… all in the very noble sounding name of “doing my best.”

But the irony is that all of this just gets in the way of our abilities to connect with others, be honest with ourselves about our own therapeutic journeys, and express ourselves creatively. If we’re gonna be the empathic and creative people we love to be, we need to be anti-perfectionists!

So here’s a reminder – a protest poster of sorts, adorned with some of my magazine paper cutting artwork. My gift to you. Download and print out your poster to stick above your work/play space, or save it as your laptop screensaver. Because, whether it’s about your art-making, your personal development journey, your parenting, how you live with chronic illness or disability, your community relationships, or your work as a therapist, you’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously!

Download and print your poster

Or click on the image below to download your screensaver.

Life after loss is both a masterpiece and a work in progress

This poster is a page out of my latest book, Untangle Your Grief. Questions + Art After Loss; a book full of thought-provoking questions and inspiring art-making prompts for exploring, expressing, and making meaning, belonging, and hope after loss. Here’s more about the book.