What to expect when you buy a Cath Duncan original for international shipping

If you live outside of the Netherlands and have been considering purchasing one of my originals, here’s what you can expect the shipping process to involve.

Step 1: Purchase your artwork

When you’ve chosen your original artwork that you’d like to purchase, email me at cath@cathduncan.com with your order (The name of the artwork, or a link to it’s page is fine). Also include your full name, physical address for shipping, and your phone number. I’ll need this information for preparing your invoice and your shipping estimate. I’ll send you an invoice for the artwork and shipping costs.

Step 2: I’ll prepare your artwork for shipping

My artworks are rendered on hardboard and stretched canvas so they’re pretty hard-wearing for overseas travels, but we still need to make sure that the surfaces, edges, and corners are carefully protected, the artwork/s won’t shift or slide around, and the artwork/s are safe from any moisture. I’ll select the best-suited packaging materials and methods to keep your art safe during transit.


Wherever possible, for a lower environmental impact, I use recycled materials for packaging.

I use door-to-door shipping services. Once your artwork is packaged and booked for shipping, I’ll send you your package tracking number.

Saving on shipping costs by rolling acrylic paintings

My magazine paper cutting artworks are created on a wood panel so they can’t be rolled, but in the case of large acrylic paintings on canvas, there is often the option to remove the canvas from the frame and roll it for shipping. For large canvases, this usually significantly lowers the costs of shipping. Here’s some more info about what t expect if you opt for a rolled canvas.

Step 3: GST, VAT and/ or any customs duties

When you purchase anything for international shipment, it’s an export/ import process, so customs paperwork and procedures need to be followed.

If any GST, VAT, or customs duties are applied to your shipment, your country’s customs department will notify and bill you directly for this. Sorry, but I’m not able to offer you an estimate of any of these costs (if any apply), as these are outside of my control, and each country has different import policies and thresholds for imported artwork.

I will however be sure to complete all of  the relevant customs paperwork correctly to avoid any customs delays.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy your art!

With your artwork having arrived safely, it’s time to frame it, hang it in your home, and enjoy!. May your new artwork add to the joy in your home for many, many years to come.