Wandelen 8

Wandelen 8 by Cath Duncan. 2023. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.


“Wandelen” means “to walk” in Dutch. For this collection of brightly coloured abstract landscapes inspired by my daily walks, I’ve used the interplay of contrasting elements to celebrate the beauty of contrast and capture the essence of the Netherlands’ natural beauty and ever-changing skies.

Vertical drips of paint contrast with horizontal and curved swishes to depict the long and flat horizon lines, vertical hedgerows, flowing grids of canals, and winding cycle paths. Diagonal swipes of sky mirror swishes of water or shadow below and, together with dripping, messy clouds, capture the drama of Dutch skies, the rainy climate, and the perpetual sky reflected on the watery landscape all around.

Scribbled shapes coexist with clean lines to depict the manicured nature of these “wild” natural spaces and blend a feeling of movement with the sense of order, harmony, balance and peace I find on my daily walks.

The contrast of thick, textured paint with fluid, translucent puddles of colour mirrors the lush layers of foliage, light, and reflections. And a limited colour palette of grounded and dirty earthy greens and browns is contrasted with bright and cheerful yellows, oranges, reds, or blues to evoke a sense of idealism, simplicity, and cheer.

Connecting to the beauty of contrast in nature helps me to appreciate the beauty in the many contrasts I find within my own inner nature and across life’s worst and best experiences.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 30 x 40cm (11.8 x 15.7 inches) and it was created using acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

This artwork is available, unframed, for €300 (EUROS). Shipping costs are additional. Contact me at cath@cathduncan.com if you’d like a shipping quote (shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping available).


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