Vitality by Cath Duncan. 2023. Mixed media on canvas.


Vitality is a mixed media abstract painting, created intuitively with a mindset of experimentation, trust, and play. Gestural, bright, and full of movement and texture, vitality is a statement piece that will bring life and energy to any room.

Below is a video of the beginning stages of this artwork. Here I used big gestures, quick movements, and lots of fluid paint. It’s super fun! But it’s not all this fast or flippant. As the artwork developed, things slowed down more and more to allow for drying time between layers, and so that I could carefully discern the small adjustments and details that were necessary to pull the piece together and bring it to resolution.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 150 x 120cm x 4.5cm (59 x 47.2 x 1.7 inches) and it was created using mixed media on stretched canvas.

This artwork is available, unframed, for €3 500 (EUROS). Shipping costs are additional. Contact me at if you’d like a shipping quote (shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping available).