The Little Giraffe And His Scarf – An Illustrated Poem By Zola Duncan

The Little Giraffe And His Scarf – A Poem By Zola Duncan

Our first little co-created thing! An illustrated poem by my son, Zola (7 years old).

We were homeschooling amidst all of the Covid mess, so I got to be with Zola as he wrote his first poem ever. Homeschooling has been a steep learning curve, but it’s been such a treat to get to do more creative projects with Zola, and seriously inspiring to see how his curiosity and creativity drive his learning.

He’s always had a magnificent talent for story-telling, and this sweet little poem that he made up evoked such delightful imagery for me that I just had to draw it! And the next thing we had decided to turn it into a little book! We used Paper app on my iPad to arrange the text and images, and add colour. It was such fun seeing his delight as it came to life!

When Zola saw me working on my site the other day, he asked if he could also sell his book, like I sell mine. I love how proud he is of his creative work, and what a fun way to extend his learning into the domain of entrepreneurship! So if you’d like to give him a virtual “high five” for his awesome poem, and support his first entrepreneurship venture, he would love that so much. All proceeds of sales will go to Zola.

What you’ll get

A 4-page full-colour PDF booklet of Zola’s illustrated poem, “The Little Giraffe and his Scarf.” You can print it out, or read it on your iPad or computer. All words are by Zola, and even in his own handwriting! (I just helped with the spelling).

Here’s a peak of the first two pages…


Buy your copy to find out how it ends!

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