Solace in the Wilderness

“Solace in the Wilderness” by Cath Duncan. 2024. Mixed media on paper.


“Solace in the Wilderness” is a tranquil abstract painting in a soft, warm palette of Payne’s grey, greens, creams, turquoise, and ochres, with a touch of burnt sienna. Layers of transparent and opaque textures create a harmonious composition filled with dynamic lines and fluid brushstrokes that evoke the bustling, gentle movement of small creatures, seeds, and weather across an untamed, yet peaceful, landscape.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 64cm x 47cm (25 x 18.5 inches) and it was created using mixed media on paper.

This artwork is available, unframed, for €575 (EUROS).

You can place your order online or contact me at if you’d like to discuss it or request a shipping quote (I’m shipping from The Netherlands, International is shipping available).