Scenes of Noordhoek Beach 1

Scenes of Noordhoek Beach 1 by Cath Duncan. 2021. Mixed media on Watercolour card.


Inspired by our family’s favourite beach that we visit every weekend, these artworks explore themes of contrast…

    • Light and dark.
    • Movement and stillness.
  • Rough and smooth textures.
  • Large and tiny.
  • Simple and complex.
  • And the seemingly paradoxical feelings of calmness and vitality.

I love that these contrasting elements and feelings can all be experienced at the same time in the same space. In fact I think the enjoyment of these contrasting elements together in the same space is what makes the experience so rich. The unique qualities of a colour, line, texture, object, flavour, experience, or feeling are so much more evident when we see it alongside its opposite. Contrast is so wonderfully clarifying.

Original artwork

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