You’re Invited! Open Studio on 16 & 17 Sept 2023

I’m really excited to be participating in Utrecht’s annual Open Studios/ Art Trail event, Ateleir Route Utrecht, and I’d love to see you there!

12pm to 5pm on 16 and 17 September 2023

My Studio: Paul Cezannehof 16, 3544KC Utrecht

Come say hi, see my paintings, have a chat and a refreshment, and if you fall in love with some art, I’m set up so that you’ll be able to purchase too (pinnen).

Plan your route

There are lots of other artists showing wonderful art of all kinds in my neighbourhood (Leidsche Rijn), so I’ve put together 3 recommended routes for you – pick a route to suit your preferences!

1. Art and a walk in our beautiful park

This 5.7km circular walking/ cycle route will take you through our beautiful Maxima Park where you’ll enjoy the peaceful natural landscapes and waterscapes that inspired my Wandelen series of paintings.

Visit my studio and 5 other artists situated in or at the edges of Maxima Park. Feel free to pop back in after your walk for a refreshment and chat!

View the route on Google Maps

2. Visit artists in Leidsche Rijn East

This 7.8km circular walking/ cycle route will take you to see the work of 12 different artists over the course of just 5 stops. As with the park route, you’re welcome to pop in again at my studio after you’ve completed the route.

View the route on Google Maps

3. An afternoon & evening of art, food, and culture

If you’re an art-lover who’d love to visit all of the artists’ studios in Leidsche Rijn, and you’re also a food-lover who’d enjoy a delicious afternoon ice-cream break at Zomers and a lekker dinner after all the art, then this 15km cycle route is for you.

Venster restaurant in the creative and cultural hotspot of Leidsche Rijn, Berlijnplein, is a delicious and vibing dinner and drinks spot that’s open from 11:30am to 10pm on the weekends. Be sure to check out what’s happening at RAUM while you’re there!

You can view the route in two parts on Google Maps:

Part 1: Visit 7 artists in Leidsche Rijn West, then stop for ice-cream at Zomers (7.7km)

Part 2: Make 5 more art stops in Leidsche Rijn East, then head to Venster for dinner (7.2km)