Red Aloes in the Wind

Red Aloes in the Wind, by Cath Duncan. 2021. Magazine paper cuttings on hardboard.


I had such fun with the Abstract Yellow Pincushions collection! I wanted to capture how The Paper Aloes collection features renditions of the robust and unusual beauty of the Aloe family of plants that are indigenous to South Africa. I really enjoy the unique and interesting shapes of their blossoms, the contrast of their brightly coloured flowers with the muted colours of their dry, often harsh landscape habitats, and the textures and lines of their sharp, curved leaves.

Original artwork

The original artwork is SOLD. Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm.

Fine art prints

High quality archival art prints of this artwork are available, printed and shipped to you from your closest location. You can order your fine art prints of Red Aloes in the Wind here.

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