Power (Nimrod IX)

Power (Nimrod IX) by Cath Duncan. 2023. Mixed media on stretched canvas.


Power (Nimrod IX) was created as part of a 3-part commission for a wonderful couple in the USA. They selected 3 of their favourite pieces of music/ songs, and asked me to create an abstract painting inspired by each of these (very different!) pieces of music.

In creating the paintings, I tried to listen closely not just to the music pieces they chose and how the music made me feel, but also to our conversation, and what it evoked for me when I listened to the couple share about their values and their relationship.

Power (Nimrod IX) is inspired by a classical piece called Nimrod IX from Elgar’s Enigma Variations. You can listen to it here.

This piece of music speaks to me of power. The kind of quiet power that is rooted in deep peace, listening, trust, patience, lived experience, and wisdom. A power that is always calm and compassionate, never reactive or violent, and has the effect of growing peace in the world.

Just like the music, the composition has quiet spaces with subtle, delicate textures and bubbles, contrasted with a strong thrust of light and splashes of more defined, energised, and dynamic shapes. Alongside this sense of powerful movement emerging from a deep, still place, I worked with a limited and peaceful colour palette, using soft layers of fluid acrylic inks, transparent acrylic glazes, and water-based pastels to capture a feeling of depth with smooth, flowing textures and colours that are reminiscent of water and light.

Below are some crops of close-ups of some of the colours and textures for you to enjoy…

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 50 x 70cm (19.7 x 27.5 inches) and it was created using mixed media on stretched canvas. It is framed in a natural Obeche floating frame.

This artwork is SOLD.

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