Pathways 4

Pathways 4 by Cath Duncan. 2023. Mixed media on stretched canvas.


Pathways is a collection of expressive mixed media paintings inspired by views from Dutch cycle paths and walking trails. The pathways in the paintings draw you into their serene scenes, while tree shadows dapple the scene with patterned light. Using an interplay of opaque and translucent paint and a limited colour palette that contrasts vibrant pops of cheerful colour with earthy tones, these artworks celebrate the play of light filtering through layered foliage along the Dutch cycle paths and walking trails.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 40 x 50cm (15.7 x 19.6 inches) and it was created using acrylic paint and spray paint on stretched canvas.

This artwork is available, unframed, for €400 (EUROS). Shipping costs are additional. Contact me at if you’d like a shipping quote (shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping available).

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