“It’s easier to see when you’re a kid…”

This quote reminded me of the time when Zola was about 5 years old and I was rushing him to get his shoes on and he admonished me with, “I’m doing my best, but you grownups have had a lot more practice at hurrying, you know!”

The wisdom in that still makes me smile and sets me straight. Hurrying is not something I want to be well practiced in or get any better at.

For some time now I’ve been drawn to explore ideas around “seeing”… what it means to see. How seeing might be different from and relate to looking, perceiving, interpreting, and understanding. How we see – what different senses, biology, neurology,cognition, psychology, and strategies might be involved. Where in the mind/ body seeing actually happens. And what hinders or enhances our ability to see.

As a vision-impaired person, these wonderings/ wanderings have been both fascinating and healing, and I’m interested to develop this further through my art-making.

I have so many well-read, thoughtful folks here… if you know of something related to exploring these ideas, I’d love you to share. Perhaps it’s something you’ve read – a poem, an article, a quote, or an explanation of psychology, cognition, or neurobiology. Or a song, a quote from your kid, or something you yourself have realised. Or a person doing work in this area, a relevant exhibition or project… anything. I’d love to be connected.