I tossed my cares into the wind

“I tossed my cares into the wind” by Cath Duncan. 2024. Acrylic on paper.


“I Tossed My Cares into the Wind” is a jubilant symphony of colour and movement. Bright turquoises, deep indigos, and zesty limes dance across the canvas in a liberated frenzy. Energetic wet-on-wet brushstrokes, thick with paint, sweep and swirl, punctuated by playful drips, splashes, and flicks of fluid paint. The painting exudes a dynamic and carefree energy, inviting viewers into a realm of spaciousness and freedom. With its fresh and lively composition, this artwork evokes feelings of joy, ease, and liberation, capturing the exhilarating sensation of casting worries aside and embracing life’s boundless possibilities.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 74 x 50cm (29 x 19.6 inches) and it was created using acrylic paint on paper.

This artwork is available, unframed, for €610 (EUROS).

Contact me at cath@cathduncan.com to if you’d like to to order it or request a shipping quote (shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping available).

Below are some close-up crops of this artwork