Five Ways to Pair Protea 1 And Protea 2

I’ve had chats with a few people who love both my Proteas in my Multimedia Botanical series, and really want to buy both. But, even though these two artworks are the same size and shape, the fact that Protea 1 is oriented landscape and Protea 2 is oriented portrait feels a little trickier to hang as a pair. There are several ways to pair them that can each work really well in their own way. Have a look and see what you like and would work best in your home…

1. Next to each other

I think if I were going to hang these two right next to each other, I’d hang Protea 1 on the left and Protea 2 on the right so that the flowers are leaning towards each other.I’d also align Protea 1 with the centre of Protea 2 if I were hanging them.

If you’re going to rest them on a shelf, then they look great with bottom edges aligned. The shelf gives us that lovely horizontal line that makes that format make sense visually.

2. Amongst other pictures

They can also work really nicely hanging next to each other, amongst other pictures. In this case, if you hang them next to each other, you could instead align the two artworks along their bottom edges. Alternatively, you could hang them separately from each other, but in the same group of pictures.

3. Near to each other, amongst other items

Alternatively, you could display them near to each other, amongst other items on a display shelf. Select a few items that pick up on colours in the artworks, to place around the artworks. This will create the softer effect of a dispersed and balanced composition of colours and textures.

4. Opposite each other

Another way to pair them that can work beautifully is to hang the Proteas on opposite walls, facing each other. This is a great idea for a medium to large room, especially if it’s part of a lovely open-plan space.

5. In the same room

Finally, you could hang the pair in the same room, but not next to each other. This can work especially well if it’s a smallish room, like the bathroom or an office. Or, if your toilet is separate to the rest of the bathroom, hanging a protea in the toilet room and a protea in the bathroom will create a sense of unity.

Can you think of any other ways you could pair Protea 1 and 2 beautifully?

Canvas, framed print, or art print?

When you buy through my Online Gallery Shop, once you’ve selected your artwork, you’ll be able to choose which surface you want to have it printed onto. There are a variety of surfaces you can choose, but the three I’d recommend you consider are canvas, framed print, and art print.

1. Canvas. You can choose to also have your canvas print framed if you wish. This makes for a lovely finish, but wrapped canvas prints also look pretty great without frames. In some of the images above, I’ve used the un-framed canvas.

2. Framed prints. These are art prints on archival fine art card, and then you’ll need to select your mat (a border card around your artwork – this is optional) and frame. I love a white mat and white gallery frame, like in my pictures above. It’s fresh, modern, and keeps the focus on the artwork.

3. Art prints are printed on archival fine art card. You would need to frame them in order to hang them. If you have a great local framing shop you prefer to use, or aren’t sure what frame you want yet, then I’d suggest you select this option.