How To Be An Artist And A Mom

Just kidding. Ha!

This lasted 15 minutes.

Juggling parenting and making art is still such a struggle for me, even now that my son is 7 years old. I hear this is a common struggle for artist moms. Apparently less so for artist dads (Thanks, Patriarchy).

Another part of it, for me, is the unreliable energy levels that come with having a chronic illness. I can’t work at night when my son sleeps. I need MY sleep.

So I don’t have any solid answers on this. I fit my art-making and writing in when I can. I try to be mindful of when I’m forgetting that I can say no, and draw boundaries around my art-making time. But it’s a pandemic and we’re homeschooling, and the last seven years have flown by, and the next seven will too. And, as much as I enjoy art-making, my son comes first.

So, while I’ll always make sure that you receive your orders promptly, I’ll be heeding my own advice by keeping my priorities clear (health and family come before work), and I’ll add new art, Notes to Self, and Questions + Art (Q+A) Books here as and when I can.