The joy of growing each other’s creativity

Earlier this year I had the good fortune of getting to create a unique commissioned artwork for friend and fellow artist, Lisa Reardon’s beautiful home in California. Lisa is a ceramicist who creates wonderful intuitively and iteratively built abstract sculptures.

Lisa gave me a most generously open brief to create “a large abstract in blues” and my painting, “Trust Whatyouknow” is the result.

I had an absolute ball working in an improvisational and much more playful way than I’ve ever worked before, and I loved discovering how much I love working in this way – so much so that I’d say that this artwork is something of a “milestone” in my journey as an artist. An artwork that is strongly influencing how I go forward in my creative journey.

As if this wasn’t already rewarding enough, imagine my delight when Lisa let me know that she’d created a sculpture in response to the artwork that I created for her!

Have a look…Lisa named this sculpture “You are Whatyouknow.

Trust Whatyouknow was about our relationships with others and the ways that we need each other, to hold each other’s stories, inspire each other to connect even more deeply to what’s important to us, and expand each other’s creativity… so I lovelovelove that Lisa created a sculptural response to my painting!

Lisa has captured such a sense of movement, lightness, vitality and expansion using a 3-dimensional medium. It elicits curiosity and awakens my senses and I want to hold it and turn it and look through it and enjoy it’s shapes and colours and textures from all angles!

Over at Insta I created a little video of our artworks, including some lovely closeups to show uff their shapes and textures … have a look…


Go see Lisa’s work this weekend!

If you’re in the California area, go see Lisa’s first solo show this weekend. Her sculpture, “You are Whatyouknow” will be on display, as well as many other gorgeous pieces available tor purchase.

Lisa, it’s been so wonderful to watch you grow your creativity and confidence as an artist, and I’m so grateful for the ways you’ve inspired and supported my art journey too. Have a blast at your show! Wish I could be there!