Using Untangle Your Grief to Explore and Make Meaning of “Tricky” Loss and Grief

Those of you who’ve come along with me for several years now will remember that I co-founded The Creative Grief Studio with Kara Jones back in 2011. It’s been a few years now since I left CGS at the end of 2019, so it was such fun to be invited back to share with all of the CGS alumni about my Untangle Your Grief book.

Central to the art-making and reflective process that I guide readers through in Untangle Your Grief is a Questions + Art activity that I developed when I first started specialising in grief support back in 2010, called the Ripple of Loss. All of the CGS alumni are familiar with the Ripple of Loss because it has been included in the Creative Grief Support Practitioner Certification program since 2011. But, as you’ll hear on the call, even for experienced grief support professionals who have been using my Ripple of Loss activity with great results for some years already, there was plenty for me to share about the ways that I’ve adapted and enriched the Ripple of Loss for exploring “tricky” grief experiences.

In this call you’ll hear me share about…

  • the overall purpose of Untangle Your Grief, which is to support people who’ve experienced or are still experiencing types of losses that have elements that make it more “tricky” to process grief and make hopeful meanings. (On the call I explain what I mean by “tricky” and what those elements are that can make grief more tricky.)
  • the purpose and benefits of the “Questions + Art” approach I’ve used in Untangle Your Grief.
  • the 3 practices that I included in Untangle Your Grief that support readers to overcome any anxieties about therapeutic journaling and art-making, develop general meta-skills for healing and growth, and stay regulated and motivated even through any hard bits that might come up as they explore and express their grief.
  • why the Ripple of loss is well-suited for exploring “tricky” loss and grief experiences.
  • the 6 ways that I’ve refined and extended the Ripple of Loss for supporting people living with more complex and “tricky” loss and grief experiences to create agency, belonging, meaning, and hope after — and even during — tricky loss and grief experiences.
  • how grief support professionals can use Untangle Your Grief in individual and group grief support work.

This call was for professionals who are supporting others who are grieving tricky losses, but I think folks struggling with their own grief will find it accessible and interesting too. If you’ve been wondering whether Untangle Your Grief is relevant to your needs, perhaps this call can help you decide, and even if you’ve already read Untangle Your Grief, if you’re interested in some of the backstory and the “why” behind the book’s approach and focus, I think you’ll enjoy listening to this call.

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