Ease, Unforeseen 2

Ease, Unforeseen 2 by Cath Duncan. 2022. Acrylic paint on canvas.


My “Ease, Unforeseen” collection of 5 abstract acrylic paintings is an exploration of my relationship with ease. I created these paintings intuitively, without any planning at all. My only guidance was that, as I worked, I thought of my friend, Laurie Foley, saying to me during a discussion about moments of unexpected ease or joy in the midst of hard times, “Stuff your pockets!”

All 5 of the paintings I created ended up looking like watery landscapes. It felt so apt. Water has such a sense of abundance and ease. Even when encountering obstacles, water keeps flowing easily around, under, over, and gently wears away at any obstacles. These waterscapes feel like peace, rest, and contentment to me. And I especially love that the process of creating these artworks felt so full of Ease. I didn’t plan, overthink, or doubt. I just relaxed, felt gratitude for the moments of ease in my life, and played.

Here’s a bit more about my personal process and the story behind the Ease Unforeseen collection.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 25 x 25cm (9.8 x 9.8 inches) and it was created using acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

It is available for purchase, unframed, for €170 (EUROS). Contact me at cath@cathduncan.com for a shipping quote (Shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping available).

Fine art prints

High quality archival art prints of this artwork are available, printed and shipped to you from your closest location. You can order your fine art prints of Ease, Unforeseen 2 here.

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