How to Commission a Cath Duncan Original

I’m available for commissions. Here’s some of the custom art I’ve created for past commissions and below you’ll find information about what’s involved in ordering a unique commissioned artwork. Have a read, and then let’s talk!

Step 1: Decide your preferences (or delight me with an open brief!)

Open brief commissions that specify little more than the size of the canvas and maybe something like the “feel” or the artwork or the colour range or theme of the artwork or the materials you’d prefer me to work with are my favourite! So don’t feel that you have to give me lots of direction – an open brief is an artist’s dream!

Having said that, here’s some ways you can think about what you’d like me to create for you. You don’t need to have preferences in all these areas. Just let me know if you do have a preference in any of these areas:

  • What style of my artwork do you prefer? Though all of my artwork is more expressive than realistic, my style ranges from expressive representational artwork to more abstract artwork. Where does your taste lie on that continuum?
  • Do you have a preference in respect of the subject of the artwork? As you’ll see from my gallery, subject matter that I enjoy include seascapes, botanicals, landscapes, and abstracts. I’m open to other subject matter, but I don’t do portraits of people or animals.
  • Do you prefer an artwork rendered with magazine paper cuttings only, or acrylic paint, or a mixed media artwork?
  • Would you like a single artwork or a collection of artworks that work well to hang together?
  • What size would you like the artwork to be? Remember to factor in the frame if you’re sizing the artwork for a particular spot in your home.
  • Do you have any colour range preferences for the artwork?

You can create a Pinterest board about your preferences and share it with me, or just email me at with your notes, attaching any images you wish to share to convey your preferences.

Step 2: Decide your budget

What’s your budget? You can browse the original artworks I currently have available for purchase to get a sense of my pricing for original artworks. My pricing is based mostly on the size of the artwork and I don’t charge any extra for commissions.

International shipping costs are based on size more than weight, so large artworks can be costly to ship internationally. If your artwork is rendered on canvas rather than a hard surface (not possible for my magazine cutting artworks), then it’s an option to remove the painted canvas from its frame and send it to you rolled. A rolled canvas is a lot less expensive to ship internationally. You would need to get a local framer to stretch the canvas onto a frame then. I’ll be happy to let you know the shipping estimates for your consideration.

Step 3: We’ll agree the commission plan

We’ll have a conversation to check that I’ve understood what you’re hoping for. I’ll provide you with the price for the artwork/s and an estimate of the shipping costs. I’ll ask you for a non-refundable 30% deposit payment on the artwork to confirm your commission order. The rest of the payment will be due on completion / acceptance of the artwork at step 5.

I am not able to provide you with an estimated timeline for your artwork/s to be completed (my creative muse has not allowed me to tame it to that extent!), but I can let you know how soon I’ll be able to start it and a rough idea of the timeline.

Step 4: I’ll create the artwork/s

If inspired, I might create more than one, even if you’ve only commissioned one. In that case, you’ll get to choose which one you love most.

I don’t share progress images during the process because the layered way that I work means that the artworks can change so much.

Step 5: You select and purchase your artwork/s

Once the artwork/s are complete, you’ll be able to view them. I’ll send you photos and/ or video of the artworks if you’re not local to me.

If wished, I’ll be able to make minor changes that wouldn’t damage the artwork. If you don’t feel that the artwork/s I’ve created for you fit with what you expected, you may use your 30% payment towards any other artwork I sell.

Once we’ve agreed that the artwork is complete, I’ll varnish it for you for additional protection, I’ll ask you for your final artwork and shipping payments, and I’ll prepare your artwork/s for safe shipping.

Finally, please note that my business model includes selling prints of my original artworks, including any commissioned artworks. If your commissioned artwork feels deeply personal and you don’t want prints to be sold, let me know. That’s fine, but I would need to charge more for the original artwork.

Keen to commission an artwork?

Wonderful! Get in touch when you’re ready with your preferences: