Choreography of Love

Choreography of love by Cath Duncan. 2023. Mixed media on canvas.


“Choreography of Love” captures the intricate dance of intimacy shared between long-time lovers, where every movement echoes the rhythms of their connection. Through a warm blend of reds, soft creams, pinks, and the depth of Payne’s grey, the painting envelops the viewer in the essence of passion and tenderness.

Created with mixed media, the painting’s gestural style and layered paintwork evoke the fluidity of emotions exchanged between partners. Delicate “threads” traverse the canvas, symbolising the invisible bonds that unite them, drawing them closer together before gently allowing them to explore and adventure apart, only to reunite in a graceful embrace once more.

With a harmonious blend of movement and peace, “Choreography of Love” invites viewers to witness the timeless elegance of love’s dance, where every brushstroke whispers tales of connection, trust, and enduring affection.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 50 x 70cm (19.6 x 21.5 inches) and it was created using mixed media on stretched canvas.

This artwork is SOLD.