Blyde River Canyon Memories

Blyde River Canyon Memories, by Cath Duncan. 2021. Magazine Paper Cuttings on hardboard


The Paper Skies Collection is all about one of my favourite things… skies! Skies are the backdrop to, and therefore the context of, our lives. As such, skies set the mood and invite us into very different activities and ways of being outdoors, and even indoors, to a lesser extent. I especially love a good, moody sky, with interesting cloud shapes and colours.

All of the artworks in the Paper Skies are created using one of my favourite mediums: recycled magazine paper, which I cut, layer, and glaze to create big, vibrant, skies with contrasting light and texture, and a sense of movement.

Blyde River Canyon Memories features a landscape of regal and robust South African Aloe plants against a mountainous horizon and purple skies of the Blyde River Canyon area.

Original artwork

The original artwork is SOLD. Size; 42cm x 57cm.

Fine art prints

High quality archival art prints of this artwork are available, printed and shipped to you from your closest location. You can order your fine art prints of Blyde River Canyon Memories here.

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