Beach Therapy 14

Beach Therapy 14 by Cath Duncan. 2023. Acrylic paint on canvas. (SOLD)


My Beach Therapy collection of artworks is inspired by our weekend family trips to Noordhoek beach. The Covid pandemic had a dramatic impact on my family. Even after vaccination, immunosuppressed transplant recipients are at high risk of severe illness and death if we get Covid, so our little family has had to keep our own unrelenting “lockdown”. Our weekend family outings to Noordhoek beach have become something of a therapeutic ritual that is restoring and sustaining us. Through the winter especially, we’ve delighted in the full sensory experience of the wide open spaces, big and moody skies, wild winds, soft sand, thick mud, tingling salt, and frigid waters. And doing something together that we all love doing is so bonding and nourishing.

Every beach trip has had all of the same elements, in the same order every time… the longer-than-necessary drive to the beach, the same things we like to spot from the car as we journey, our beach sand and water play time, and our stop off at the same coffee shop for the same crunchies to enjoy in the car on the long drive home. At another time in our lives this repetition might have become boring, but amidst all the fear, loss, and uncertainty these days, we’re loving the predictability and reliability of this ritual.

There’s one thing in the ritual that adds an exciting element of surprise and wonder… “our” beach is dramatically transformed by weather changes. It seems to have its own little climate quite independent of the rest of Cape Town’s weather, so you never know what the weather and beach adventure will be like until you get there. Unlike so many of life’s uncontrollable situations, this element of surprise comes with zero anxiety because EVERY weather and beach adventure has been beautiful in its own way!

Original artwork

This original artwork is SOLD.

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