Awaiting, by Cath Duncan. 2024. Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel.


Painted playfully, from my intuition and imagination, “Awaiting” depicts an abstract landscape in cool, soft colours with a fun interplay of cheerful periwinkle blue and pops of vibrant red. There’s a quietness and sense of peace in the spacious horizon, and also a feeling of movement and excitement in the leaping lines, joyful colours, and interesting textures. It’s a moment of rest and appreciation in between all the committed work to build that dream. An active, hopeful waiting, in anticipation of all the good things to come.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 29.5cm x 31cm (11.6 x 12.2 inches) and it was created using Acrylic paint and mixed media on wood panel.

This artwork is available to buy, unframed, for €210.

You can place your order online or contact me at if you’d like to discuss your purchase or request a shipping quote (I’m shipping from The Netherlands, International shipping is available).