Nose Hill Park Amble Under The Moon

Nose Hill Park Amble Under The Moon, by Cath Duncan. Acrylics on canvas board.


The artworks in my Acrylic Landscapes collection are my attempts to capture the visual beauty of open spaces, expansive horizons, and big, moody skies, as well as the ways that this type of visual beauty rearranges and settles my mind, body, and soul. I love the feelings of calm and connection to nature, and the way that it declutters my thoughts and shows me how small and momentary my life and the day’s worries are.

This painting was inspired by our regular walks that we enjoyed across Nose Hill Park in Calgary, Canada when we lived there.

Original artwork

This original artwork’s dimensions are 25.5cm x 51cm and it was created using acrylics on canvas board

It is available for purchase for €220 (EUROS). Contact me at to arrange the purchase and receive a shipping quotation (Shipping from The Netherlands. International Shipping available).

Fine art prints

High quality archival art prints of this artwork are available, printed and shipped to you from your closest location. You can order your fine art prints of Nose Hill Park Amble Under The Moon here.

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