360 degree landscape sketching outdoors

I’ve been wanting to get outside for some landscape drawing lately, and we’ve been receiving much encouragement to do so from the instructors in the course I’m taking with Newlyn Art School, so I packed a few art supplies, and hopped on my bike to head down to the beautiful Haarrijnseplas with my pup, Toby.

It was a pretty blustery, cold Spring day, so quite refreshing to be out drawing with the wind in my hair.

I stuck some small pieces of sketch paper down onto a board with masking tape, placed my drawing tools in my pockets and behind my ears, and stood up, holding the board in front of me as I drew.

I made a quick sketch of the view in front of me, then turned a little to the right and made another quick sketch of that view, and kept drawing and turning until I had what was supposed to be 360 degrees of landscape but, due to my poor calculations, turned out to be about 270 degrees, oops!

When I got home, I took the tape off and joined the small sketches to create a concertina landscape.

Click below to see the video of the concertina landscape on my Insta…

The is was fun to make, and since it can be folded and unfolded different ways, it’s an interesting source of inspiration for considering different crops and compositional options for creating a landscape painting from these sketches.

I had fun with this one so I’ll definitely do this again. Toby says, “Yay!” He loves it  we go play and create outdoors!